Communication starts
with a greeting


We are Salve Agency, a Vilnius-based communication agency and your reliable partners in Lithuania.

Strategic thinking, ability to distinguish between short-term impact and long-term aims, and understanding that we are on the same side as our clients are our strengths. Our clients are our partners, and we collaborate with them to understand their business, set goals, and help them reach those goals.

We choose to stay relatively small so that we can be closer to our clients and give them individual attention.

Our team is made up of people of different ages, with various professional and personal experiences, interests, and talents, resulting in a diverse, complimentary, and strong team.

We are ambitious, but humanity comes first.


In Lithuania, we represent PROI Worldwide, the worlds largest network of independent agencies. We collaborate with PROI Worldwide to meet our clients communication needs in different markets.

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A responsible, transparent, accountable, social and evolving agency.

We adhere to the highest quality standard for communication activities. This is confirmed by the performance quality certificates established by The Association of Communication Industry and approved by independent auditors.